about pwc study

A Rigorous Assessment Validates LexisNexis Competitive Claims.

In January 2023, LexisNexis Legal & Professional commissioned PwC to focus on a Metric Assessment as an independent third party. The study highlights the process for reviewing and validating methodologies used as metrics to compare performance in legal search technology.


Immersion and Information Collection

Upfront immersion session facilitates open information exchange and close collaboration between LexisNexis and PwC. 14 performance metrics used to populate an information sheet designed to collect necessary evidence on the quality and effectiveness of each metric.


Information is evaluated and assessed for completion and comprehension. Further questions and information are made where required to inform the assessment of each metric.

Review and Assess

List of metrics reviewed against a framework to assess relevance, rigor, inclusivity, and robustness. The review process also:

  • Outlines key methodological considerations of current approach
  • Identifies potential gaps, e.g., audiences not covered, useful sub-groups, etc. to minimized or remove from areas of concern.


Findings demonstrate the validity of all LexisNexis metrics based on the methodologies employed in calculations and where, if relevant, improvements can be made.